Monday, August 20, 2012

Jaali Woodscreens

Jaali woodscreens are a traditional way of decorating, separating inside from outside, letting light in and heat out and partitioning a room or house into sections. In the high mountains of Hindukush, a branch of the Himalayas, where there was no glass, the jaali served the purpose. Likewise, in many parts of the Muslim world, having a jaali was not only practical but decorative.

With many designs and purposes, The Galleria offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes for your selection. Let us know which design you have in mind to beautify your home. We welcome all sizes and commissions. Our prices are very reasonable.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Galleria Art Exhibition at Santa Fe July 2012

The Galleria was honored to be chosen as one of the galleries to exhibit its art at the International Contemporary Art Fair Santa Fe, July 12-15, 2012. Among over 30 galleries from the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia, The Galleria received a great deal of attention from exhibitors, the public and the media. Even some of our art was bought by the artists presenting at the fair!

Many expressed amazement at the level of sophistication, detail and creativity of Afghan artists, especially coming off three decades of war. Featuring the mud work of Akram, tar work of Mohammad Zia Forogh, free style pen of Tawfiq Rahmani, intricate and beautiful designs of Abdul Nasser Sawaby, colorful acrylics of Nawid Fazli, reed pen strokes of Najibullah Anwari, traditional miniatures of Yonus and abstract watercolor of Raashed Rahmani, The Galleria’s booth was a major attraction.

Santa Fe is a small city in the state of New Mexico, USA. Its mud fashioned houses, manicured city, beautifully decorated small shops and lovely people are so much a reminiscent of what Kabul could have been like had it not been for the war. The Galleria was offered this opportunity at a reduced rate and the amount of exposure and experience we have gained is tremendous. We sincerely thank the organizers of Art Santa Fe and the media for their time and kindness.

The Galleria is an independent and self-sufficient art market, including the finest art gallery in Afghanistan. Working closely with master craftsmen, The Galleria is like a shared space for fine Afghan crafts. Ran by artists, headed by a woman artist, The Galleria is a successful model of Afghan ran business based on heard work and personal funding of the artists. Its aim is to support the artists and encourage creativity through arts.

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