Monday, November 21, 2011


A beautiful addition to any home, these wood carving and in-lay are classic Afghan. We can make anything and ship anywhere.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leather Goods

Made to order, these leather goods are usually made in small shops in Kabul. There is no one single factory that makes this, thus every shop has its own unique style and design. Made exclusively from goat skin, these leather goods are an unique gift from Afghanistan.


Most of the stones used are found in Afghanistan. Although the jewelry business still has some ways to go to be more refined, the charm has been its ethnic and rough look.

Herat Glass

The famous blue glass from Herat is a popular item. Handed from father to son for generations, there is only one family in Herat that produces this glass. Carefully guarded techniques, the blue glass is a beautiful tradition left from Timurid Herat [15th Century] or more. One of the family members [Nasrullah] moved to Kabul for some time, but lost the shop in leasing arguements and returned to Herat. Using the blue Herat glass, takes one to a classic age. This is an excellent addition to your dining table. Any shape or size could be made. We accept large and small orders.

From a long line of Glassmaker, stretching at least a thousand years, Master Glassmaker Nasrullah, 55, along with his brother, Saidullah, 60, his nephew Ghulam Sakhi, 35, his two sons, Zabiullah, 25, and Khairullah, 23 are the only five people in the whole of Afghanistan who know how to make the Herat glass, learning this ancient craft from their fathers, who learned it from their fathers for centuries. Haji Sultan Ahmad is the face of Herat Glass due to his shop's location across from the Friday Mosque. Ghulam Sakhi works for Haji Sultan producing the items in his shop. These gentlemen supply glass to everyone else in Afghanistan. They have small furnaces that can accommodate modest order sizes. There are limitations to their craft as to the size and color variations but they can produce almost anything if they understand the concept and see the design.


Made traditionally by the Turkmen, this labor intensive, all natural felt make excellent gifts and additions to your kitchen and dining room. Made with sheet hair and dyed in natural colors, felt has been in use by the Turkmen of Central Asia for hundreds of years. Now, a modern twist on an old product. There products include: hotpots, placemats, carpets, shoes, table runners, etc.